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Migration to KFR6

Here is migration guide to upgrade from KFR5.x to KFR6.

For upgrade from KFR4.x to KFR5 see Upgrade to KFR 5

Multiarchitecture and C API

Multiarchitecture is enabled by default

In KFR5 only DFT had support for multiarchitecture. This was controlled by theKFR_ENABLE_DFT_MULTIARCH CMake option (default OFF).

Since KFR6, multiarchitecture is controlled by the KFR_ENABLE_MULTIARCH (default ON) and is supported by more algorithms.

KFR_ARCHS CMake variable controls the list of the architectures for which the code will be generated.

cmake ... -DKFR_ARCHS=sse2;avx;avx2

This feature is now fully transparent to the users of the KFR library and doesn't require any changes to the source code.

C API is supported on non-x86 platforms

On Linux and macOS, the following CMake option is required for building the C API:


Note that this makes all static libraries built in KFR directory position-independent.

The C API requires that KFR_ENABLE_MULTIARCH be enabled.

IIR, FIR filters and resampling now support multiarchitecture

Name changes

biquad_params<T> biquad_section<T>
biquad_filter<T> iir_filter<T>
biquad(params, expression) iir(expression, params)
expression_biquad expression_iir
biquad_blocks<T, N> iir_params<T, N>
std::vector<biquad_params<T>> iir_params<T>
fir_taps<T> fir_params<T>

The old names works in KFR6 but are marked deprecated.

CMake config files

During install CMake config files are now generated.

# CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH must contain path-to-kfr-install-dir/lib/cmake
target_link_libraries(main PRIVATE kfr kfr_dsp)


It is important to link KFR libraries correctly when using the multiarchitecture feature.

The following methods automatically ensure that linking is correct:

  • add_subdirectory.
  • Installing KFR and using find_package(KFR CONFIG)

If you use different method please follow these instructions.

Other changes

kfr::complex type removed in favor of using std::complex

The KFR_STD_COMPLEX CMake option and KFR_STD_COMPLEX macro are removed.

KFR_DFT_NO_NPo2 macro is no more used. Non-power of 2 DFT is always enabled

The KFR_ENABLE_DFT_NP CMake option is removed too.

tensor<>::reshape_may_copy and tensor<>::flatten_may_copy change parameters default values

In KFR6 default behavior is to allow copying (as name suggests);

auto t = mytensor.reshape_may_copy(new_shape);


Clang minimum version is now 11

Please update your build environment if you're using Clang 10 or older.

CMake minimum version is now 3.12

Please update your build environment if you're using CMake 3.11 or older.

KFR Internals

DFT, DSP and IO sources have been moved to src/ directory

expression_make_function must be used for expression function prototypes

Before KFR6

template <typename E1, KFR_ACCEPT_EXPRESSIONS(E1)>
KFR_FUNCTION expression_function<fn::sin, E1> sin(E1&& x);
template <typename E1, KFR_ACCEPT_EXPRESSIONS(E1)>
KFR_FUNCTION expression_make_function<fn::sin, E1> sin(E1&& x);