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How to read WAV file

Read whole audio file into array of univector

// Open file as sequence of float`s, conversion is performed internally
audio_reader_wav<float> reader(open_file_for_reading("audio.wav"));
univector2d<float> audio = reader.read_channels();

Get file information

audio_reader_wav<float> reader(open_file_for_reading("audio.wav"));
println("Sample Rate  = ", reader.format().samplerate);
println("Channels     = ", reader.format().channels);
println("Length       = ", reader.format().length);
println("Duration (s) = ", reader.format().length / reader.format().samplerate);
println("Bit depth    = ", audio_sample_bit_depth(reader.format().type));

Read all data as separate channels:

univector2d<float> audio1 = reader.read_channels();

Read specific number of samples:

univector2d<float> audio2 = reader.read_channels(reader.format().length / 2);

Read interleaved audio

univector<float> audio3 =;

Read interleaved audio to preallocated buffer

std::vector<float> audio4;, audio4.size());

How to read FLAC file

Just replace class name by audio_reader_flac.

audio_reader_flac<float> reader(open_file_for_reading("audio.flac"));